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Christmas Shopper
Roosevelt, UT
Not so bright, but alright.
Unfortunately, the colors on this tie are much less vibrant in person. It all looks kind of washed-out. The fabric is soft and it's decent all in all, but I was somewhat disappointed. The microbiologist appreciated the idea behind the pattern, though!
Portland, MEPortland, ME
Shiny zeeker
I love the tie and its very high quality, though it is a little more silvery and slightly less bright in person than in the picture (if you're picky about shades!)
Dallas, TX
Great gift
I bought this for my pharmacist brother and he thought it was super neat!
Washington, DC
Beautfiful colors
Fabulous colors and finish. As soon as I saw this, I knew I wanted some diseases. I got the tie and the bowtie to go with.
Greenville SC
Zika never looked so good!!
Every Christmas I buy my colleague a tie with some medically related theme. He loves them!! These are very reasonably priced and well made ties. Highly recommended 🏩
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