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Michael a Fletcher
Houston, TX
wedding tie
great looking tie. bought for my granddaughters wedding. now to tie it without effort
Bronx, NYBronx, NY
Tie One on!
Just a fabulous bow tie. Adds a unique addition to my collection.
I really like this tie. I will next follow with a purchase of the cumber bun for use with my tux.
A Stepmother
Madison, WI
for my stepson
I bought this tie for my step son. He is a unique and colorful 18 year old who wore a clip-on bow tie to Homecoming. I told him I would one day teach him how to tie a REAL bow tie. I searched for one which is smart and made of silk, but still is as individual as he. It is a beautiful tie. Although the pattern is wild, it remains a very stately tie...not loud at all. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of bow-tying with him. My only negative is it took a week and a half to get. I thought that was a little long...but I would order from here again.
Baltimore, MD
Head-turning Style
I wore this tie to a wedding. I received almost as many compliments as the groom. EVERYONE loved this tie, from teenagers to the 50+ crowd (of which I am a part)! The perfect choice to complement a brown suit or any other earth-tone ensemble. CLASSIC!
San Jose CA
bold and vibrant
At first, via the web site this bow tie is bold and vibrant, yet when I actually received it, still bold and vibrant, just not as bright. This I was happy with.
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