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New Jersey
great color, great quality, and now i know how to tie a bow tie
quality tie, thank god it came with bow tie instructions because i didn’t even think about it being clip on or a real bow tie but i ordered from here cause this color was impossible to find but it was exactly what i was looking for along with being great quality and it’s about to look amazing as i got the email about leaving a review while i’m literally on my way to my prom
Fort Worth, TX
Thank you!
I needlepointed a cummerbund for my son and this matches the background royal purple perfectly! Also, the silk is very pretty.
D.P. Jefferson
Shreveport, LA
True Royalty
I love Purple Ties... This is the perfect addition to my collection!!!
San Diego, CA
The color is gorgeous. I wish the texture were firmer. It gets wind-bown too easily for me.
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