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Hope my husband does!
Burnaby, BC
Nice quality 8 planet tie
I really like it. Great gift for an astronomer or person who likes planets and space.
San Antonio, TX.
Almost perfect
I love this tie, but it makes me sad that Pluto was left off....growing up it was always a planet and now not even worthy to be on a tie.
Austin, TX
Great for a science teacher gift
My son has a science tutor who's also a good family friend of ours and so we got this tie for him for his birthday. His face lit up and the next time my son had a tutoring session, he was wearing it. He said it's his favorite tie! Thanks so much for creating niche ties like this. It's great quality and not cheesy like some other products out there.
Terrific Tie
Great quality - speedy delivery- will definitely order from this site again!!
Science Guy
Los Angeles, CA
Dark Matters
I saw Michael from VSAUCE give this to someone as a gift and I had to have it. Surprisingly well made and nerdy in all the right ways.
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